"straight talking, honest and hardworking" 
Our business was destroyed after our premises were gutted by fire. 
At the time we were inundated with loss assessors and it being such a stressful time it was difficult to know who to turn to for help. The fact that we knew someone who had used them was the initial reason for contacting them. 
Fortunately most companies never go through a major catastrophe. We hadn’t, so we had no idea if we should look to the broker or even if we needed a company like Gold Assessors. 
I am very glad that we did use them. Their team took over the nightmare of handling a large claim, dealing with the broker and a myriad of different people from the insurance company. All of these wanting answers to complex questions whilst we were trying to deal with the aftermath and rebuild the business. 
Not only did Gold make it possible to cope under those circumstances, they certainly achieved for us the maximum possible from our insurance company. 
Straight talking, honest and hardworking on our behalf. It was good to know that there was someone on our side through the 12 months it took to complete the claim. 
David Power 
Managing Director 
EPTG Ltd – Powerflex 
"appreciate your professionalism" 
When you were recommended to me about 3 years ago, you resolved my Client's problem beneficially, quickly and without fuss. 
Since then, on any insurance or claim query, you have been my first and only port of call. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and willingness to give advice without obligation. 
I understand you are setting up a new web-site. I wish you all the best and look forward to continuing as one of your vastly 
increased number of Clients. 
Martin Durrett 
Blakes Property Consultants 
"we continually use their services" 
….the level of professionalism is beyond doubt. We always find the level of communication and advice to be of the highest order. For these reasons alone we continually use their services as they understand our structure and support us during the process.  
Steve Nicolaou 
Atlantic Property Management 
"we would urge anyone with a large or complex claim to engage their services " 
The House of Reeves was the iconic picture of the August 2011 riots in the UK. This was part of our family business and the devastation not only to property but to us personally ensured we were in a vulnerable position. 
The recommendation of a family friend, who had also been through a devastating fire, and our subsequent phone call to Gold Assessors was the most important phone call of the whole crisis. 
We were inundated with ‘ambulance chasers’ offering their services, some in the most aggressive fashion, but the difference in attitude and approach by Russell and his team really showed them to be the professionals they truly are. They were both understanding towards us and forceful with our insurers to ensure we got not just the best out of our insurance claim but also had it tailored to our own circumstances. 
Russell and his team, William and Ivor have been a pleasure to do business with. They have always been on hand, 24 hrs a day, for even the smallest query. There’s no 9 to 5 mentality in their operation. 
The complexities of dealing with a significant claim in such devastating circumstances cannot be over emphasized and we would urge anyone with a large or complex claim to engage their services. 
The Reeves family would like to thank them most sincerely for their contribution to rebuilding our business and are happy to recommend them most highly. 
House of Reeves  
Croydon, Surrey 
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