The Insurance Industry is changing and Insurance Companies are now carefully scrutinizing insurance claims. Claims validation units have been set up within Insurance Claims Departments; Loss Adjusting firms are employing teams of investigators and private investigators are being contracted to Insurance companies. The net result is far more insurance claims are being declined. 
Sadly, many of the people employed by Insurance Companies to investigate claims believe it is their duty to find a way to decline an insurance claim and we are increasingly finding poor decisions being made by Insurers. In these instances it is imperative that the claimant is represented by someone who has acquired both the insurance knowledge and investigative experience to challenge and overturn such poor decisions. 
William Merritt has this investigation experience and knowledge. He has successfully represented many claimants in their claims with Insurance Companies throughout the UK. This is a unique service that very few, if any other Insurance Loss Assessor can offer. 
An investigation involves; 
1. Obtaining documentary evidence in support of a claim. 
2. Completing a scene examination, which in the case of a fire claim may involve an Origin & Cause investigation? 
3. Witness interviews. 
4. Enquiries with various authorities, Fire, Police, Council etc. 
5. Surveillance and general enquiries where necessary. 
6. Collection and Correlation of evidence. 
7. Interpretation of Policy Terms and Conditions. 
8. Report preparation and liaising with Legal Representatives when required. 
From the outset we will work with you to produce a plan of the investigation work that is required to prove your case. We will then assess the scope of the investigation and provide you with a budget that will be strictly adhered to. 
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